Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Full Weekend

Ever wonder what it would be like to have 7 12th grade girls sleeping in your living room? Well, here are some pictures to help you imagine.

Mike and I hosted the 12th grade girls for the d-now weekend our church was doing. We had a blast but I'm convinced that at the end of the weekend, we were more tired than they were. Both of us enjoyed a long nap on Sunday. I picked this age group because I knew they would be easy and fun. For some reason I didn't expect the massive amounts of hair straighteners that ended up in the bathroom (even after me repeatedly telling them there was much more room in my bathroom).

No, they all wanted to be together and use their own straightner. I don't have that many plugs in there so I guess it was 2 at a time until everyone had perfectly straight hair... only to head to downtown ft. worth to hand out hamburgers in a homeless area.
They were so nice, so polite, and even put all my furniture back before they left. I couldn't have asked for better house guests. I'm so excited for what God is doing in our youth department. Just hearing them talk I realized they are faced with things I never had to deal with. Also, I grew up in a small town with only one high school. All my good friends were in the youth department at church and I saw them every day at school. Here, there are so many high schools these girls are lucky if they see each other once a week. A lot of the time was spent with them really getting to know each other and growing closer in their relationships. As much as we enjoyed it, i hope it's at least a year before we do this again. I need that much time to recover :-)

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Connie said...

Oh, I remember those days. I use to do disciple now's for extra $ in college....exhausting! Sounds like you had a good group though. Glad there was no "drama" to deal with. And, you gotta looked good for the homeless too.....

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