Thursday, January 10, 2008


Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's a real thing. I did a report on it in the 10th grade. That's what I think I have, it's my self diagnosis. Here's the description: Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, is an affective, or mood, disorder. Most SAD sufferers experience normal mental health throughout most of the year, but experience depressive symptoms in the winter or summer. The condition in the summer is often referred to as Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder. I don't think I have this because I teared up during Grays Anatomy- that happens most every week. And I don't think I have this because I freaked out over our $530 electricity bill (I thought last months $230 bill was high). No, I just seem to have the winter blahs. The treatment for this is light therapy. That means, you sit under a big light for a few hours a day. I don't think the horrible fluorescent lights in my office count. I need real sunlight. The next time I'm going to see real sun is on my cruise next month. I realize now that I say that you have ceased to feel sorry for me... but this is serious. I wonder if my doctor can prescribe the cruise and file it on insurance.
Really, I think it is partly all this talk of recession. I don't know why it bothers me so much but it really does. Every time i hear about it, I get upset. I really don't know much about it at all so I have no reason to be upset. I'm guessing that it's because during the last recession after 9/11, I was graduating from college and looking for a job when there were none to be found. I really don't have many fond memories from then. This time I'm a lot more tied to the economy and I have a lot more to loose. Again, I have no idea why i'm worried, I don't even know what exactly to worry about, which makes the worrying thing really pointless. I'm going to blame it on the S.A.D. A cruise is defiantly in order. I'm pretty sure that's the only thing that can cure me :-)


Connie said...

I thought you were acting a little down. I didn't know if I was imagining it or what. Now I know. I hope you feel better. It's no fun to not feel like your happy cheerful self. You can borrow some of my Prozac! Ha!

DesignKat said...

I think I have the same thing you have. I just didn't know what it was called. I thought it was a mild case of depression because I am unhappy with life at the moment. And yes, the looming recession has me worrying as well. I also did not fair well after 9/11 and the fear and anxiety I felt after loosing my job and not being able to find one for months still resides in my thoughts as if it were yesterday. It's a sobering moment when you realize that you are days away from being homeless and hungry.
Well, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one suffering from SAD.....and let's hope we are all worrying for nothing about this so-called recession.

Anonymous said...

Just remember that in the midst of seemingly everything going wrong after you graduated, you found the best thing in the world - Mike. Love Mom

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