Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catching Up!

Wow, it's been a crazy week couple of weeks. Let's start with last week, we decided to have a professional stain our concrete in the back of the house. We have always intended to have a hard surface in the back but never got around to it. After we stained the den, we decided it was worth the money to have someone do it for us... especially since I'm not much help these days. So, we had to move out of the house because of the chemicals and the stain so last week, we spent 2 nights at a friends house, 2 nights at Great Wolf Lodge (more on that later) then we were back in the house as long as we wore little blue booties over our shoes if we walked on the concrete. It looks amazing and we are so happy but as you can imagine, nothing is in the right place and we have spent this week trying to get everything back to normal, but that's taking much longer than I had hoped.
I put a picture of the concrete in the hallway and a view of the newly re-decorated guest room. I've been waiting to take pictures of this room until it is finished but that's taking longer than expected (hmmm, is that a theme?). Lastly i got the word "Create" from the company Uppercase Living that does wall words and put it in the guest room/office. I think it turned out quite well!

Looks like someone needs to iron the bedspread and curtains.... any volunteers?

If you want your own one of these or another phrase, go to the Uppercase Living web site.


Linda said...

I will iron the curtains and the bedspread.

Anjolee said...

Wow, that look SOOO nice!

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