Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some things just sound simple....

I started out on what was supposed to be a simple task, making Cason's bed. As I mentioned earlier, I had to get all of his bedding because Target is making room for something else in January and all the Dwell Circle bedding is on clearance. I prefer to buy things on clearance so I'm not upset about this, I just wasn't planning on buying it quite yet. I was going to wait to put the bedding on but I couldn't stand looking at the empty room any longer and needed some inspiration to keep going. I washed all the sheets last night and set out on the task this morning of making the bed. Simple. Small mattress, small sheets, no big deal.
After 30 minutes of sweating and heavy breathing, I finally wrestled all the bedding on. This was no small task. Tiny mattress made no difference. You get the bed skirt on and straightened out, and plop the mattress in only to shift the bed skirt to a completely wrong position. So, you reach to fingers between the regulation bars and try and pull the bed skirt back into position. Then, you start putting the mattress pad on the mattress only to realize that when you lift the corner of the mattress up, you have also grabbed the corner of the bed skirt and re-positioned it yet again. More tugging and straightening. Then the sheet which wasn't terribly difficult except that it's stripes and I want all the stripes to be running parallel with the bed not angled like they did at my first attempt to get them on the mattress. Then comes the bumper pad. The thing that makes cribs the cutest. It's great in theory except when you have one of those cribs where the front side lowers for us short people, then, how does the bumper stay in place when you lower the front. I did not try this move once I got it on, and I'm no expert, but from the looks of things, it ain't going to work. Oh well, we will figure that out when the baby is here. For now I think the crib looks much better.

Disclaimer: I realize that the use of pillows and other accessories is not recommended in a crib when the baby is in there for risk of suffocation. These were placed in the crib strictly for photographic effect and will be removed before Cason is placed in the crib. They are so cute though, aren't they?

I guess what is most upsetting about the crib being so darn difficult to make is that i hear that babies often have leaking problems when sleeping, and the bed might require changing often. I was already prepared for this by stocking up on extra sheets that match my collection as well as white ones. I figured changing the bed often would be no big deal, again, tiny mattress, very simple. Well, if I have to go through that every time, count me out, Cason is sleeping on plastic because this crib is staying like it is!


Connie said...

Ha! You are so right about that crib stuff. I *hated* putting clean sheets on.

Here is a tip....get a FULL sized crib pad (not the kind that look like a fitted sheet...a flat one that you just lay over the mattress) THEN lay it on top of all of your cute stuff and the only thing you will have to change is that one crib pad with no tugging or anything.

This particular pad I'm talking about is super thin and a little stiff but it is made to prevent leaking onto the mattress so it should do the job without suffocating any parties involved.

Now, it is a bit scratchy so here is a suggestion...

Cut some soft fabric to the same size and sew ONE layer on the top so no need for changing or taking anything apart. You have one pad with a scratchy side (face down) and a soft side (face up).

Anybody else would think this is to troublesome but I know you can see the ease in this and what a time saver it will be in the future.

I'd make 4 of them at least. Maybe 5.

They might even make something similar in the stores but I haven't been on the hunt for such a thing in a few years.

Oh, just try to put the side down on the crib....my bumper stayed on fine..just wrinkled up a bit but no big deal. Or get a step stool.

Linda said...

I will work on this over the weekend - never had any trouble with the pad moving as you lowered the side. It looks absolutely awesome!

Anjolee said...

That is all very pretty! I don't have any suggestions about the lowering thing, but the others say it will work out. My crib doesn't raise and lower, but also poses problems for shorties because after you lower the mattress when they get bigger I have to balance my rib cage on the front bar and allow my feet to come off the ground to place a sleeping baby in there softly. I'm sure it's a sight to see.
Mckenzee didn't have much leaking in her baby bed, but I hate changing those sheets too. Do the thing Connie said or make that Mike's job.

Some people call me Aunt Lexi, but NOT Ellie...hahaha said...

The crib looks super cute! And sorry, I have no advice for you...I am not a baby expert.

Lisa said...

Love, Love the bedding and I have already been to Target to figure out how I can make something "boyish" from some of those cute blankets!

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