Friday, December 19, 2008

Pregnancy and the Dentist

I already wasn't looking forward to my trip becuase I have experienced the bleeding gums symptom that faces many pregnant women. I'm not a huge fan of the dentist anyways but add being uncomfortable and having bleeding, tender gums on top of that and I was dreading it.
So, I tell her right at the beginning, my gums bleed, I would prefer not to drown in my own blood so please be gentile. Well, i guess that was the kiss of death becuase there was no gentile. I was pretty ticked by the end of it actually. I know it is her job to get my mouth clean and disease free but I really think they should give pregnant people a break. They actually say we need extra attention because of the sensitive bleeding gums thing but by the time she got through, I wish I had skipped the appointment and risked the extra cavity- the filling would have hurt less. I think I was still bleeding when I left and went to the car. As I was checking out they had the nerve to tell me that pregnant women should come to the dentist MORE often than normal. I looked at that woman like she was crazy and said "no thanks". Not only does insurance not cover that, I cannot loose any more blood! So, against all dr's recomendations, I advise pregnant women not to go to the dentist... But don't tell anyone I said that!

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Anjolee said...

I know your pain. I went to the dentist two weeks ago and the lady made me feel like such and idiot. I was cried in the car for so long.

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