Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby Update

We had a dr.'s appointment on Friday and here's the scoop.
No progress yet as far as labor goes. We are on the waiting list to be induced on Tues (17th), mainly because that's Mike's birthday and he thought that would be fun. We are second in line on the waiting list so a lot of people need to go into labor today and tomorrow for that to work out, I'm not holding out much hope. If we don't go into labor this week, we will be induced on Tues. 24th at 6:00am. That's only a couple of days after my due date so it could be worse.
I had a sono and the baby measures 6 lbs. 11 oz. Apparently that can be off a pound either way but still, I'm glad he's not too big.
Meanwhile, dr. ordered no more working so I'm home resting until the baby gets here. I think I will spend as much time as possible sleeping because that's what I hear the most often "Sleep Now!". Well, I'm going to try (watch me go into labor tomorrow morning :-)
Maybe I can post some interesting things during my time off!


Steph H. said...

I will pray that you are induced on the 17th!

amberdawn said...

I love how cute you are! This might be an encouraging story for you, but Dalton (who is now about to be 6!)was due on March 22, my dr kept saying no progress, nothing, etc. He was pretty sure I would be overdue, etc. My water broke on the 18th, and I had him the next morning! So, it can happen! But I will continue to pray for you! Have fun enjoying your house by yourself!
PS I think I did everything anybody had ever told be to get the progress started on my own, ate spicy foods, walked like crazy, rasberry tea, I can't remember what else! Funny I know!

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