Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cason tanning

Hopefully this will be the last day he will need to be under the lights.

Random thing, the nurses keep referring to him as a "really big boy". I'm thinking "honey, I expected him to be well over 8 lbs. So 7 11 ain't bad". The thing is, in here, he's a plus size. Most of the babies are 3 and 4 lbs. So he looks huge! Pray for all the babies in here. Our journey has been relatively short but many are here for the long haul. One church gave us a goody bag with snacks and water and that little thing was exactly what we needed.

Hopefully I will have a better pic soon!

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Christie said...

Ethan had to have the light therapy too, but he laid on a bed with lights under him. He looked like a glow worm. :-P

Linda said...

I love the eyelashes on the mask

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