Friday, July 3, 2009

Baby Boot Camp- Week 1

Somethings got to give. I'm quickly headed down the path of becoming an insane person and I would really rather avoid that. So, we are about to put our family through boot camp and shape this place up. Gone are the days of my sweet baby sleeping through car rides and being easy to tote around. It's no longer ok for my house to be a disaster and take-out be our only form of nutrition. How much longer can I use "I have a newborn" as an excuse?

I snuck away to a pedicure 2 weeks ago and had some much needed alone time. I took a journal and wrote down all the areas of my life which I felt were currently out of control. Then, I wrote down some way in which I could make it better. I'm going to slowly start implementing those ideas so that I can survive and be a nice person- currently I'm not doing either.

So, this first week we are working on schedule. I read 3 months was when you could start "sleep training" and 3 months came 2 weeks ago to it's probably about time I get started. Even through this holiday weekend, alarms will be set and I will be waking Cason up at the same time each morning, and putting him to bed at the same time each night, and feeding him on a schedule and closely watching his nap routine to see how it fits in. That way, whether I'm at work or at home, he will have some consistency. The rest of the plan is a bit harder. Since currently very little is getting done around the household, Mike and I are both going to have daily lists for morning and night. Maybe someday these things will become routine but for now, a list is what I'm aiming for. Since I can currently remember nothing my night list will include things like "pick out clothes, get pump stuff ready, gather everything needed for work"; and my morning list will include "make lunch (and take it with you), play with Cason, unload the dishwasher, start a load of laundry". All things that the average person can remember to do but I am struggling with.

Pray for us, this isn't going to be easy. Of course, I eventually want to be flexible with Cason and not be driven by his bedtime or nap time, but until we get a basic routine established, I'm going to be pretty rigid.

Stay tuned for more tales of Baby Boot Camp.

1 comment:

Kim said...

You go girl! Getting Cason on a routine will be the best thing for and give you some sanity. I'll be praying for you guys.

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