Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fat and Bald

Just like an old man, Cason is going bald and getting fat. So sad. Hopefully the new hair will grow in soon. Here's some of the latest photos to catch up. Most are from my cell phone camera so I won't be winning any photography awards but at least I have some photos!

Lets review....

No Hair.

There's just a strip of hair left down the center, like a mowhawk except it won't stand up!

As you can tell, our favorite activity is playing with our feet or putting things in our mouth. Earlier today he got his toes within 1/2" from his mouth but never got them in. So cute!

Yes, that's cereal he's getting in a spoon. "But he's not 4 months yet, it's against the rules". Oh well, he will live. He gets about a tsp. every day that i feel like giving it to him. Hopes are that he would sleep longer but I don't know that it's helped yet.

When he's not holding his feet he likes to look at them or kick things with them or kick people with them. I think he's quite impressed with what those little feet can do!


Lexi said...

He is very cute :) His lack of hair doesn't affect his cuteness in any way...lots of babies have this happen. My dad was so happy when Laci was born because he finally got a child with dark hair like him...then hers all fell out and came in blond, he was so sad!! Hahaha!

Connie said...

Jules lost hers too. It should fill in pretty soon but bald tends to work on babies. I heard that giving them a little cereal early like your doing really helps them be ready to eat solids when the time comes, but who cares anyway. I say do whatever you want. He's so cute! He's looking superfly in his mod onesies.

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