Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Must Confess

okay, so some (maybe all) of the photos from the Cherry post below have been altered. I just can't stop! It's so much fun but I love how they are coming out. I'm going to try not to alter my child's photos so much that when people see him in real life they don't think "wow, he's not near as cute as his photos!" :-)

Here is the straight out of the camera shot. Pretty good right? I think I can make it look more appetizing than that!

Here is the altered photo. I found some places that have photoshop "actions". They are presets that take a lot of the work out of altering photos so I can't claim all of the touching up myself, I just made a few minor adjustments.

And the bowl of cherries before. Looks pretty good. In fact, when i saw how it turned out I was pretty impressed with my picture taking ability. But I couldn't resist the urge to see what it would look like after a photoshop tool or two.

Mmmmm... Is everyone hungry for Cherries now? I know I am. They are just so pretty!!!

If you want more of my secrets let me know, I'm happy to share all of my sources. If you don't have photoshop and want to play on mine sometime, come on over- I'll give a tutorial (don't worry, it will be short!)

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