Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trip to Ikea

Today was Cason's first trip to Ikea. This is a big milestone in a child's life and I think it was everything he expected it to be and more.

He's wondering why he doesn't get any of that yummy breakfast.

The napkin doesn't quite taste like delicious Swedish pancakes.

We played on the furniture. Not sure if that's what you are supposed to do but oh well. Glad we didn't get this changing table, he's almost too long for it already!

He was not in the mood to ride in the stroller so Lou carried him for awhile. Much better.
A stop in the real changing room. it took 2 people to get his clothes back on. This is why we don't wear pants that much!

I don't think this is what the carts were intended for. I guess after carrying a baby around ikea Lou was ready for some freedom!

Shopping just makes you thirsty! A quick stop for a bottle while mom and dad loaded the car.

And now we are back home playing with the new toy. So cute! There are NO batteries with this thing which I believe is the beauty of it. This is one toy I don't mind having in my den.

I think he likes it!


Brittany said...

Yeah for new toys! I can't wait to play with this one with C :)

Lexi said...

very cute...he looks like he loves his new toy already :)

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