Thursday, August 20, 2009

Restaurant Week- Grace Fort Worth

I love August for many reasons: my birthday, the season premiere of Psych, and Restaurant Week! Every year restaurants around the metroplex participate to offer a special deal to those who can't afford to eat at extravagant places all the time. There's more info HERE, but I'll tell you the basics. For $35 you get a 3 course dinner at places that typically cost more than that. I like to go to as many places as I can afford each year because it's the only time all year we eat this good.

Last week it was Grace Restaurant in Fort Worth. I didn't even know about this place until I saw the restaurant week locations. It's relatively new and in the bottom of the Carter Burgess Building (is it called Jacobs now?). For me dining out is about 60% decor and 40% food. If a place is nicely decorated and makes me happy, I can let the food slide a bit... just a bit. The decor here is wonderful. Beautiful finishes, very clean and modern, great outdoor patio. Fortunately, the food here was wonderful too.

My first course was a melon and tomato salad, then a fillet with squash and grits, then a chocolate melting cake. The salad and fillet were beyond excellent. My table mates said the grits were great as well, I'm just not a fan of grits so I wouldn't know. The chocolate melting cake was good, but I think the ones on the cruise were better. I wanted the center to be even more melty than it was. All in all, a great experience.

There's probably still time to make reservations at some of the places (if you are hoping for Abacus think again, it's been full since the first day). Don't go thinking you will get to choose from their full menu, it's a limited menu, typically 3 selections for each course. There was only one restaurant we went to that had no selections. Oh, I forgot to mention the best part- $7 of each meal goes to charity!

So run, make your reservations, and if you are participating this year, tell me what you think of your restaurant!

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amberdawn said...

We went to Del Frisco's Ft Worth last night! It was soooo deliciously yummy! I am going to dream about that steak for a while! Did you know that some restaurants have extended their weeks? You can go next week, and the week after! I am saving to go the week after...maybe Reata? Hmmm...decisions, decisions! Glad y'all had a good night out!

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