Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flashback to homecoming

Special thanks to my mom who brought this over so I could store it at my house... I was looking for something to fill my extra storage space.

Oh wait, no, no I wasn't.

I was kind of hoping this was one of those things that got to stay in moms closet until the day I was ready to show my kids what I wore in high school. Apparently, that's not the thought mom had.
I can't bring myself to throw it away but what am I supposed to do with it???

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DesignKat said...

Same thing happened to me. Mom brought all of my mums to me & have zero storage space so after much thought I finally took a picure of all of them and then put them in trash bags. After a moment of silence, the garbage men hauled them off for a proper burial.

Lori Calder said...

My mom had the same idea and made me throw all of mine out. Isn't it their job to keep all our childhood treasures?

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