Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mascarpone, wonton wrappers and other such matters.

Alright, so there were some people who pointed out in the comments section of my last post that while the napoleons sounded yummy, they were not made with typical pantry staples.  Here is the truth, I did have to run to the store for the mascarpone.  I had only used it once before but Giada uses it all the time and I think they use it for tiramisu also so I felt that it would work well in this dish.  The wonton wrappers I did have in my freezer actually.  They are great to keep on hand because they are less calories than bread and you can stuff them and bake them with lots of different things inside.  I stuff them with ham and cheese and make little hot sandwich pockets.  They get crispy in the oven which is nice because a lot of things don't get crispy until you fry them.
I just thought of something else I could stuff in a wonton wrapper.  If it works, i'll post it tomorrow!


Connie said...

Well thanks for that great tip. I am going to get some of those wrapper things on my next trip to the grocery store.

I made stuffed bell peppers and obvsly no-one ate the peppers but liked the stuffing...and now I know what I can stuff next.

amberdawn said...

We have wonton wrappers in our freezer too! I however choose to deep fry mine and make italian nachos! yummy! I love mascarpone cheese by the way-it is just hard to find some times!

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