Thursday, January 13, 2011

Before and After

Just wanted to show you some sweet pictures of C and a little photoshop stuff. 

The boy that lives next door is in high school and is interested in photography.  He's got a great camera and loves taking pictures so I love letting him use C as his model.  He shot some photos while cason was playing in the yard the other day and let us have them.  They turned out so great- I really have no idea how he got shots like this and every photo I take C has his eyes closed. 

Here is one shot:

I love it but I thought I would try to give it a little boost. 

Now I really love it.  Boost is exactly what it is called in Pioneer Woman's Actions for Photoshop.  It's super easy, just the press of a button and bam- lots of color pop.  If you are not reading this womans web site, you really must.  Packed with great stuff. 

Here's Another:
I think this one is cute but I don't love his facial expression.  To me, when people are not smiling in photos it looks too "directed"... Like the photographer is in the background saying- "Give me a sexy face" and the person in the photo immediately wipes away the smile and pokes the lips out.  Hello, smiles are sexy people.  You look nice, approachable and pretty when you smile. 
Sorry, excuse my rant.  I guess I have been looking at too many senior pictures lately.  I know he isn't being directed here, I mean, he's not even 2!  I picked this one to play with because I thought I could get some good color pop. 

I boosted and sharpened this one using her actions but I also sharpened his eyes and added a little color to his lips.  I think his bright pink lips look so cute in the other shot and he was looking washed out in this one.  I was trying to make sure he didn't look like he was wearing makeup.  Then I added a little blur around the edges and I like how it turned out.  Oh, and I cropped it before I did anything.

What do you think?

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