Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas- Part 1

One of the first presents we gave Cason was a motorcycle.  It was given to us by a family at our church and Mike cleaned it up and got new stickers and spray painted it.  Just like new.


We had it outside and opened the garage with Cason on the inside for his first view.  The neighbors happened to be out there at that time so he was more focused on all the people more than the motorcycle at first.


It didn’t take long before he was off!



Down the sidewalk…


There are some buttons on the top that make engine noises.  He had to find out where the sound was coming from.


The motorcycle goes about .5 MPH so there’s not much danger of running into anything. 

Riding in the street is so much fun because he gets to drive with the real cars. 

Present #1 is a hit!

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