Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Thanks to some advice from friends I created a little motivation for Cason to go to the potty.  We are almost 3 and have made NO progress with potty training.  As in zero.

So, I got some toys that I knew Cason would love and placed them behind the potty. 


When he walked in and saw the toys he started jumping up and down and told me he loved his presents!  I explained how he will get them- by using the potty.  He said okay and I asked if he wanted to try and go to the potty and he said no.

No problem, no pressure. 


Except he keeps taking me into the bathroom and showing me the toys and he is so excited and now I feel like the worst mom ever because he obviously doesn’t want to use the potty and now I’m taunting him with toys.

And I promised myself that I wouldn’t force the potty training thing- I just want him to go ONCE so he knows what it feels like and what he is supposed to do but we have not even gone once. 

And it’s crazy because he can understand all sorts of things and tell me all sorts of details about his day and the past and he can’t go potty.  Ugh.

Poor Cason- those toys will tease him forever.

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