Monday, January 2, 2012

Keeping the Kids Busy



Pinterest inspired me… again.

I got to hang out with Cason’s good friend Jack some the week before Christmas while his momma worked.  I was in the market for some activities to keep them busy.

This was a super easy setup.  I put some paper down and used crayons to draw their names and some circles.  I wrote color names that corresponded to M&M colors (I omitted the brown because I didn’t have a brown crayon). 

Then, I divided a bag of M&M’s in half and put them each in one circle and showed the boys how to divide up the colors.  The goal was to divide the colors BEFORE eating them.  Jack did much better with that concept (as seen below).  Cason separated a few then ate a few, then ate a few more.  

This activity occuppied the boys for approximately 5 minutes.  That’s 4 minutes longer than coloring occupies Cason so I was happy with that!



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