Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cozumel- Day 3

When we woke up Monday morning we still had not pulled in to Cozumel yet but by 8:30 we were there. We ate breakfast in the main dining room then got ready to get off the ship. Getting off was no problem, no line and no rush. There were people holding signs with all of our shore excursions at the end of the pier and right across the street was lots of shopping. The guys were going on and ATV Beach Adventure and we were going to a cooking class. We forgot to give them a camera so we have no pictures but from what we hear it was lots of fun, they got really muddy, and the loved it.
We were driven to a private beach club and escorted in to a glass room so we could see the beach but we were not cooking outside. There were stations set up with 4 people at each station. First they took drink orders then we started on the food. We prepared Mexican Sopes (a flour tortialla topped with spanish sausage, potatoes, lettuce, cheese, and beans), Grouper Fillet with mango sauce and stuffed banana pepper, and rice pudding tower with layers of rice pudding and cookies. I have lots of pictures above with our plates and how we got to decorate them so we had lots of fun. When we were done cooking- we went to the top floor and ate our lunch overlooking the beach with spanish wines that were coordinated with each dish. Then we went down to the beach and sat by the water and took a nap. Unfortunatly we failed to listen to the driver very well when he told us what time to be back at the bus and when we asked someone she said 3:30 but it was 2:30... she was on the other ship that was in port that day. So we jumped in the cab and headed back to the city.
We had agreed to meet the guys at a restaurant called Senior Frogs. Big mistake. When we got there they were almost done eating, thank goodness, and they said "if one of those girls asks you if you want a shot- say no". That wouldn't have been a question for me because I don't do shots but I realized why when we watched the girl next to us take a shot. The waitresses have whistles which they blow during the whole "shot" routine and then they continue to molest you. I won't describe it here, you will have to call if you want to know but it was not cool. We ran out of there as soon as possible and headed back to the ship to relax.
After showers and dressing for dinner- i decided we should go to something on our schedule called "The Ultimate Mind Game". We didn't really know what to expect so we headed to the location of the game and sat in the back. There were quiz games going on all week but we had never participated before. Well, you get a piece of paper to write down your answer and the entertainment director reads out about 20 questions. Luckily for us, 3 of the questions were the same logic questions that I had used during our CMA party a few weeks before. A few more we figured out and we ended up winning the game. When you win, they give you carnival metals. I was so excited I decided we had to go to every quiz game from then on to try and win metals, and I was very sad we had missed the first 3 days of trivia!
We went to our dinner then the show that was rescheduled from last night. It was called a "vegas style review show" and that means they wore flashy costumes and sang and danced to songs you know. It was pretty good, not Broadway, but good. After that I went to bed and the guys went upstairs to the midnight Mexican buffet. The rocking of the ship really came in handy when it was time to go to sleep, it rocked you to sleep so quickly, it took me days after we got back to get used to sleeping in a still bed.


DesignKat said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! And it looks like you had a lot of fun cooking and picked up some great ideas on how to "plate" your food. I have a feeling there will be a girlie party soon so you can show off the techniques you learned. :)

DesignKat said...

ok....ummmm....I know you were gone more than 3 days. Are we going to find out about the remainder of your vacation? And whether you recommend this cruise to anyone. Please rate it from 1 star to 5 stars....lol

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