Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun Day at Sea- Day 5

So sad, our last day on the boat. The boat is still rocking a lot so the morning I don't feel great but that's okay. We started with a late breakfast as usual in the main dining room. Mike had his usual eggs benedict and I had the usual fruit, pancake with bananas, and hot tea. There was another trivia so we went to that, didn't win. Then there was a Debarkation talk that had tips on how to get off the boat the next day. Pretty boring but also necessary.
Today we tried lunch at the main dining room for the first time. It was very nice and there were a few other options than the casual dining place. Lunch took a little longer than we thought so we missed part of the TV theme trivia but caught the end of it. We had a break until our next trivia so I think mike and I went to the casino and played $5 of penny slots. So much fun, I think mike was up $8 at one point but that was as high as it got. Even though there were a lot of smokers in there it wasn't too smoky. I have been to an Oklahoma casino and you couldn't see 2' in front of you because of the smoke so the cruise must have a very good way to get the smoke out, also, they are cleaning it every time it is closed. We played with cash but you could play with your sign and sail card by sticking it in the machine. Very dangerous. I got tickled by the people who had their card in the machine and a stretchy cord that attached to their shirt. I'm guessing they needed this in case their lungs stopped working from the smoking and they fell off the stool and they wanted their card to stop the machine from charging it. If your lungs stop working you got bigger problems than that but to each his own. I think some people spent all day in there.
Well, it was time for another trivia "Who wants to be a Carnivalaire?" We didn't win again, but had fun. Oh, I forgot to say, about 1 the boat stopped rocking and it was completely smooth for the rest of the trip, couldn't even feel the rocking. Apparently this was how it was supposed to be the whole time but we were traveling during a rough season.
Next, Mike and I went to "Q & A with Captain Scala". Audience members asked him questions and it was very interesting to learn so much about the boat. Next they had a Guest variety show where 3 people sang songs. They were all discovered at the karaoke club on previous nights and they were actually quite good. We went back to the cabin to pack (sadly) and then to dinner and the show. The show tonight was a comedian and a country musician who was just okay. We decided to skip the late night comedy and went back to the room and ordered cookies and milk from room service. Yum.
On a side note, Cory had secretly ordered Rachelle flowers and chocolate covered strawberries at one of the ships stores and they had come into the cabin while we were at dinner and had them laid out for her (we were cruising over valentines day). It was really cool that he was able to do that!

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