Sunday, February 24, 2008

Progresso- Day 4

Morning of day 4. We were really getting the hang of this cruise thing. We got up and went to breakfast at the main dining room and watched the boat dock in Progresso. Unfortunately, this was not a pretty view, the pier is 8 miles long or something and we were at the end across from what looked like a gypsum manufacturing company. (I know that's a random analogy but if you had sat through as many gypsum lectures as I have, you would know gypsum is made from ground up limestone and that's what it looked like- I'm quite sure it wasn't actually that). Basically the only reason the ship goes to Progresso is because of the Mayan ruins that are here. They are supposed to be quite amazing and are one of the wonders of the world but for budgetary reasons, we did not have an excursion scheduled. So, we took our time getting ready and then got off the boat, took a free bus into town, and walked around a bit. We were dropped off at a marketplace much like what you would find if you walked across the border in Texas. It was hot and the people where pushing their cheap product big time so we probably spent less than an hour and headed back to the ship. The taste of the nations food buffet was Caribbean food so I tried that. I should have stuck with the hamburger because those are great but trying new things is important too.
After lunch, we walked up to the spa to see the specials. They had a great one so we booked an appointment for the afternoon and headed back to our cabins. I knew I couldn't go back to work after a cruise as pale as I left so I went up and sat by the pool and read a book, then napped for a bit. I met Rachelle at the spa not really knowing what to expect. As I said before, the boat is decked out in neon so what would the spa be like? Well, it was beautiful. Lots of glass mosaic tiles, nice scents and sounds and the staff was very nice. We filled out our paperwork in the "relaxation room" and we met our therapists. We got to pick 3 treatments from a list and I picked a facial, food massage, and head massage. I have to say, it was wonderful. The full treatment only lasted an hour and was $60. A great deal for that kind of pampering. At the end, they sit down with you and tell you about the products they use and want you to buy them (if I had bought everything on my list it would have been over $200- no thank you).
Back to the cabin for shower and change then another trivia challenge. This was the Love & Romance trivia and we would all start out in the middle and then after she read the question we would walk to the left side of the room for "A" and the right for "B". If you were wrong, you were out for that round. I didn't win anything but Mike won a metal. Yea for Mike. Then we headed to dinner and it was wonderful as usual. The late night show was "X-treme Country" and was very good. I liked this one better than the last one. I think we went up to the Lido deck to see what was on the late night buffet but I'm certain we didn't eat anything. I'm not used to eating at 8:30 at night so I was still not hungry at midnight.

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