Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Linda's LOST Theory

I can't take credit for this myself, I'm not smart enough to come up with a theory but I think my mom came up with a good one. The more I think about it the more she could be on to something.
Theory: This entire "thing" is a carefully constructed experiment by Oceanic Airlines to see how people would survive in the event of a catastrophic occurrence such as a plane going down. Some of the people have been given hallucinogenic drugs and some have not. all of the strange circumstances have been set up to test them - polar bears, smoke, etc. There was not a mass grave really, it was all fake, to test the reactions. Sort of like that movie that was filmed in Seaside , FL...Truman Show.

It does seem like a lot of trouble for an airlines to go to for experiment but I think that's part of the mystery.
A coworker said that there was no way that could be true- all the survivors have something major they are overcoming on the island. But if you think about it, if you were stranded on an island and someone started looking at flashbacks of your past, who wouldn't have major issues they would have to get past. I think you would learn a lot about yourself in that situation and there would be some serious soul searching going on no matter who you are.

Did you see the ad that Oceanic Air made? Well, it might add something to the above theory. Take a look and then search "Oceanic Air Commercial" on youtube to get more good stuff. Also try the web site


Linda said...

Thank you for giving me credit! I don't know - the whole thing is fun. Can't wait for tomorrow night. Mom

Connie said...

Hummmm....I was excited to see this post. I, too, am not able to come up with any sort of logical or even illogical theory. I just watch and at the end I think...hummm...wonder what that was all about.

Since I'm not a sci-fi junkie I'd like to believe your mom's theory b/c that could actually happen. I like that better than it being a "smoke monster".

Hummm....I wonder....

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