Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grande tea latte... whatever.

I have a new drink at Starbucks. In the fall/winter it's a pumpkin spice steamer. Pretty simple. The Target Starbucks lady introduced me to this new drink and i'm sort of addicted, only problem is, I get nervous when I have to order it. In normal language the drink is: Grande chai tea latte, with a shot of vanilla, soy milk and no water. In Starbucks language (the language they use to repeat your drink back to you with a disaproving look if you get it wrong) it's "Grande vanilla soy no water chai". After getting it 20 times i finally knew what the drink was called in starbucks language, it just doesn't roll of the toungue for me. I have to repeat it several times before going through the drive through in my head, then say it out loud quickly and hope i don't get so nervous that i mix up the order. It seems so silly but i hate the look they give me when i order it the way most humans would. Why this pressure to learn Starbucks language so I don't look silly to the order taker. I don't know, but I can tell you i'm sticking to this drink so I don't have to learn anything new for a long time.

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Connie said...

Wanna hear something stupid? I order my sister a tall caramel frapachino with extra caramel at the window.

I fought all urges to say "small".

I freaked out b/c I wasn't sure if Steph said cap or frap...wich makes a big difference.

I call her.

She thought I said cap but really i said frap and she said NO, not that ..the other.

O.k., so cap.

I apologize to the window lady and tell her I ordered wrong. I pulled out and texted Steph one more time to be sure before I re-ordered.

Turns out she DID want frap not cap and I had it right to begin with.

So, I had to go in, order the exact same drink and look like a fool.

But, I was determined to get my sister her favorite drink regardless of how completely stupid I came across.

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