Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Cason's Room

I wanted to join in on the fun in showing off my Nursery. You can join too on Kelly's blog.

The letters i found online. They are just cardboard that i painted. I wanted cool metal letters that were different sizes but sometimes you can't get everything you want.

Here's an overall view of the room. Everything was planned around the Dwell bedding from Target (i'm cheap) but i like how it turned out. The rug is made from carpet samples that i got from work. I've added more to the wall shelves since this picture was taken but now that the baby's here, it's hard to pause and take pictures without him in it!

Here's the crib. You can't really tell from the pictures but the matching curtains were made for a mineature room so i had to get a bunch and cut and sew them together to make them fit my normal sized window.
It is important to me that Cason appreciates fine art. The picture here is one i did in a graphic design class in college. the stripes below the shelves i painted on the wall. My old school walls are too textured to tape and paint so we chalklined the stripes and I painted them in by hand. That's about as much exercise as i got when i was pregnant.
More fine art, donated by my sister. She did this in an art class in college. Someday I will have some of my brothers photography up but he has to give me some first. It's funny, he's the only one of us that actually regularly produces fine art and I don't have any hanging for Cason.

I have always loved this verse and I thought it was perfect for a childs room. It is made from those rub on sticky letters. I wish we had gotten a picture of me 7 months pregnant on the top step of a stepladder trying to apply the letters. Another negative about the textured walls, it's very hard to apply those things.

This antique rocker has been in the family for a very long time. I had it recovered so it would match better.

Here is a close up of the wall circles above the crib. I have wanted these for years and finally had a good place to put them up. They are from the Chiasso catalog and they come white so you can paint them any color.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of the nursery!


Shana said...

Very cute! I liked that bedding too... but ended up with animal print! Thanks for sharing the nursery!

Susan said...

Love the colors and the circle-dot bedding. I like how you incorporated the circles on the wall! Very cool! Thank you for the tour.

Myra said...

Oh I love this room! The colors are wonderful and I just love the verse too!

Courtney said...

Cool room. I love the rug!

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