Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Babies First Haircut

I guess it's typical to wait until a child is 1 year for a first haircut but we just couldn't.  As the picture below indicates, it was just getting too long.  The back and sides were beginning to look shaggy and messy.  He doesn't have a ton of hair but what he does have was too long.  I was secretly hoping for him to have curly hair so he could have long curls... but straight and fine is what we got.  We can work with that.

I would had done it myself but I had images of me with the sharp scissors beginning a cut and him swinging his head around and then there's blood and crying and I just couldn't handle that.

So we went to this place called "Cool Cuts" or something like that.  They were really nice and he got to sit in this cute little car.  He did great!  No crying or fussing or even swinging of the head. 

I realize he doesn't look happy here but he inherited the "if i'm not smiling i look like i'm pouting" lips from his mommy.  It was fun.  They gave me a little bit of his hair to keep which I have no idea what to do with. 

Then we go to checkout and it's $17.50.  Are you kidding me?  I think this is something I will learn to do myself.

Okay seriously, does anyone know where spellcheck went in the new blogger?  I can't spell to save my life so i'm up a creek here.  Please excuse the spelling until I figure it out.


Brittany said...

NOOO! My baby is too young to be getting a haircut. this can't be happening :(

Kim said...

You put the hair in his baby book. Do people still do those????

Atlee's Mom said...

I cut Atlee's hair for the first time at like 3 weeks! She had a mullet and I couldn't have a baby with a mullet! And you can do it by yourself. I do Atlee's. I've caved and took her places a couple times but $20 for a kids hair I always regret.

The K Family said...

Found your blog by clicking on the "next blog button." Seems like we have a lot in common. Our boys just got their 1st haircut at the same place. Love the work you put into your blog.


Anonymous said...
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amberdawn said...

I would have done it for $12! It looks great though! Let me know if you want me to get him in with Miss Amber next time! he he

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