Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Bathtime Story

What an imagination Cason has.  He told me this story at bathtime last night.  Thank you for letting me interpret it for you.

Meet the Contractor.  The box he came in said he was a tugboat captain but do tugboat captains wear hardhats?  I don’t think so. 

January 079 

This is the Geodesic Dome designed by the architect C.  Well, he didn’t design the Geodesic Dome, he just designed this one.  January 081

This is the Architect C.  He’s very talented… obviously.  January 086 The contractor wants to build this dome on the edge of the wildlife reserve.  He doesn’t care about the animals.  He makes a big mess and only cares about the bottom line (not all contractors, just this one).


See the turtle sunning on the edge of the reserve?  The contractor doesn’t care about him… Architect C does.

January 082

Here’s the penguin.  He fell off his matt but he was sunning.

January 084

Sometimes the Architect cares a little too much about the animals.  Wait C, penguins aren’t tasty.

January 092 

Contractors are. 


 January 083

C, you can’t eat the contractor.  Sometimes you want to but don’t eat him. There’s got to be another way.

As usual, the interior designer saves the day.  She sets up a program to save the wildlife and still build the dome.  It’s all about recycling… and working together. 

 January 085

There is even room for ducks on the reserve.  Yea, everyone is happy.

January 094

The interior designer then does the architects hair.  Interior designers need a laugh sometimes. 

The End

*In the real world interior designers do not do Architects hair… unless of course they are married to an architect.  In general though- it would not be an acceptable practice at the office.


Linda said...

This is too funny. Can you make a photo book and read this to him at bedtime?

Debbie Swanigan said...

Wonderful story and very life-like!

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