Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Christmas Story

Here's the story of our Christmas- the first Christmas with a baby.

I have to talk fast cause there's a lot of catching up to do!

Christmas Eve we headed to Tyler to see Mikes parents and sister and their 3 kids. We had a big feast and Cason had a great time... as you can see.

He got some of his first presents.

This toy lights up and plays music- perfect!

There's Daddy and Cason.

The kids all got snuggies.

Cason was exhausted by the end!

Then we drove back to Colleyville through a snowstorm. The roads were not terrible during our drive but we left in plenty of time to get home, change, and make it to the 6:00 service. Instead, we walked in late to the 6:00 service.

We got home to our house looking like this:

There's the table on our back patio. There was a screwdriver buried in the show we didn't even know about until it melted!

Well, the plan was for us to spend the night at home and drive to McKinney Christmas Morning for brunch with the extended family then Christmas with my family. Given the worsening road condition we decided to drive to McKinney that night so that we wouldn't miss brunch the next day if the roads were all iced over. Looking back, it might not have been the best idea because for some reason, the weather wasn't reporting how incredible terrible the roads were. Usually, 3 snowflakes fall from the sky and the whole city shuts down. That day, we have a blizzard and the weathermen think that the roads won't get bad until the next day because the roads aren't cold enough yet. Whatever.

So, After church we ran home and tore open our presents. I got everything I wanted and more and so did Cason.

Cason loved my beautiful wrapping.

Yea. Blocks!

He's already an avid reader. So smart.

I got a gravy boat- Mike went to Crate and Barrel to get it. I'm so proud!
Mike also got me a box of tea from my favorite tea place. These are all the top sellers in a beautiful box. Love it!After a LONG slippery scary drive, we make it to McKinney just in time for our annual Christmas Even PJ's.


The next morning we went to my cousins house and had brunch and a gift card exchange. I got a $25 to AMC theaters and Mike got $25 to Banana. Good times. Cason made it as long as he could.

My uncle's dad can play the saw so he gave us a mini concert.

Cason and Pops.

Then we opened presents with the fam. I made Dad an apron with the eggnog recipe on it. Sounds stupid but it was kind of cool. This recipe had been handed down from my moms dad and it's from the petroleum club. His handwritten notes are on it and I scanned the original for the apron.

Cason liked rolling in the paper more than playing with the actual gifts.

A tall tower!
Cason and Uncle Crisco.

Cason got a new wagon!

Crisco takes cason for a ride.

The snow was still on the ground when we got home Christmas night!

Mike made a great fire and we enjoyed our new presents.

Especially my new slippers. They are from Anthropology and they slip on and tie. There are little grippers on the bottom so they are not slippery. My feet stayed perfectly toasty.

It was a wonderful Christmas even though it didn't go as totally planned. I have a feeling based on the weather that most peoples around here didn't.
Since it's 11:30 and I've already been interrupted twice by a crying baby and I'm not sure when I'll post again... I'll update on the rest of the week. I've been off since a few days before Christmas and it's been great. I have loved being home and spending time with Mike and lil C. Cason has made huge strides in crawling this week. He learned a few days before Christmas and he was SLOW. Now he can crawl across the room and pull up on whatever object will stay still long enough. We are attempting to babyproof the house but so far we have only taken the boxes of babyproofing supplies out of the closet. I had no idea everyhing would happen so fast!

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Following HIM said...

What a great Christmas! Our families could not make it through the snow/roads so we "postponed" it! Your house looks so pretty with all the snow too! Glad you guys had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!

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