Monday, June 8, 2009

Fat Pants and other Life Frustrations

Cason seems to be getting more fun every day and is discovering the world more and more. I love the way he looks around with fascination at every new thing. It makes me appreciate everything around me a little more. As with every stage of life, this one brings new frustrations and that’s what I will talk about today.

Fat Pants: It’s true, I still don’t fit into my pants and many other pre-pregnancy items in my closet. Well, I take that back, I fit into a few pants if totally unbuttoned and unzipped with a bellaband counts. I’m sure it takes people all different lengths of time to get back into their clothes and I’m probably not far behind most people but it’s quite frustrating. Maternity pants are too big and everything else is too small. “Just go by some bigger pants” you say. Well, it’s not that simple. I love clothes, I love shopping and I love getting new clothes… but I’m incredibly cheap. Pretty much every item in my closet costs under $20 and most are closer to the $10-12 mark, even pants. I shop at one store (The Gap) and I walk in (or online), head straight for the sale rack and grab my size of things I like (that are $10 and under) and head out. No trying on because I know my size well there. So, in order to buy fat pants I would have to do several things: go shopping with an infant for clothes, try on a pair of pants (does a stroller fit in a dressing room), and pay money for something that I will only wear temporarily. It was hard enough to do that with maternity clothes, I’m not about to do it now. So, for now, please ignore my stretchy yoga pants or tent like dresses and know I’ll be back to my old self eventually.

Shoes: In the same way as my clothes, most of my shoes don’t fit currently either. My flats fit just fine but my heals… not so much. What’s even more distressing about this is, I’m not sure if my feet have grown or are just fat. I hear that many women’s feet grow and don’t go back after pregnancy and I’m not sure if this is the case. You’d think the way I was carrying on I had a closet full of Jimmy Choo’s but they are just from Target. But they are cute and I love them and I haven’t worn heals for 9 months and I want them back! (picture me crossing my arms and stomping my feet- in generic black stretchy flats).

Aunt Flo: Yes, I realize that for normal breastfeeding postpartum women, she doesn’t come to visit until after the breastfeeding is done, or at least starting solids. I know this because when she came to visit 2 days ago I read about a million articles on the internet hoping to find out that I was normal, but no, I’m abnormal. As if I don’t have enough postpartum hormones floating around in my body, let’s add in the ones that she brings. Ugh.

Hair: Did you know that pregnancy hormones or prenatal vitamins make your hair thicker? Well, not exactly, it makes less hair fall out so it appears thicker. I read that after pregnancy your hair might start falling out a lot then go back to normal. Since nothing in my pregnancy was typical I didn’t really think much about this. Well starting last week I’ve been losing hair like I’m going bald. Every time I run my hands through my hair tons of hair comes out. I’ve been leaving chunks all over my house and shower. I do hope this stops before I am bald. Someone please remind me why people voluntarily get pregnant over and over again?

Smell: I’m driving to work this morning and I suddenly think “is there a dirty diaper in my car? Attached to me somehow?” I smell dirty diaper all the time. Also, spit up, milk and sweat are my new perfume. Yuck. I know it’s yuck, you don’t have to tell me. I put on fresh clothes every day (well most every day) and I shower as much as possible yet I still smell. I’m going to have to start wearing perfume to mask the smell that I’m putting off. I feel like everyone I’m around must be thinking “What is that smell? Make it stop!”

I have more but I think I’ll stop here. This may be a reoccurring post. I have so much to be thankful for and I’m in no way trying to be ungrateful, but life’s frustrations are much funnier… well you have to laugh through them anyways.


DesignKat said...

I'm laughing! At least you are taking this in stride. I promise I won't sniff you next time I see you. :)

Crystal said...

I feel your pain! I saw pictures from Saturday night at the pool. I started 'dieting' today. Amen to everything on the list, except Aunt Flow.

Anjolee said...

I feel you! I don't fit into my clothes either and my hair is falling out so much I should be keeping it to donate for a wig! Sorry about Aunt Flo though....that's a pisser....not fair.

Christie said...

I so relate to everything in this post! Haha! I hate to tell you, but I never got back to my pre-pregnancy weight until I stopped nursing, and even once I did, I was still a size bigger! It is annoying. Give the shoe thing some time, maybe they will fit again. (Although mine didn't.) Hang in are doing great, and this is all completely normal.

amberdawn said...

You make me laugh, not because you are abnormal, but because I remember all of this so vividly! It does get better! I promise! Hang in their, and an idea on the clothes, you might check around with some friends you know that maybe around the same post preggo size you are, and see about borrowing/swapping a couple of pairs of pants! Jennifer Williams and I have done that for a while now, with maternity, post maternity, and regular clothes! It works out great!

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