Monday, June 8, 2009

Smarter than the Baby

Seems like every time we sit down to eat Cason gets hungry or fussy too. Funny how that works. Well, he loves being outside so I put him in his stroller and put us outside for dinner one night and it worked beautifully. he was happy, we were full. We even stayed out for another 30 minutes while I sang to him. I should probably go apologize to the neighbors but Cason loved it.

our wonderful dinner- see, even the candles are lit.

here's cason enjoying the outdoors. the pictures outside come out so much better because of the lighting.

I just thought this was a cute picture. It makes me wonder "does he have a jawbone?" i hope so :-)

1 comment:

Anjolee said...

He's so cute! I was glad I got to see him the other night. I will have to try that outside eating because our little man loves to demand attention at dinnertime too!

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