Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just because you can't get enough

I'm sure that everyone is longing to see photos of my cute child so here are the most recent ones. I finally caught a picture when he was smiling which i'm learning is very hard to do. Most of the time when he's smiling i want to be smiling back, not taking pictures. These are actually on my camera phone but they are pretty good for a phone.

This is how he fell asleep on my lap the other night. i thought it was so cute.

The problem isn't the amount of hair, it's the length. we can comb it all we want but the minute he lays down, it's messy again. I don't want to cut it though becuase I'm afraid he still loose his hair so for now, he's just going to look very un-kept most of the time.

1 comment:

Lexi said...

very cute pictures :)

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