Monday, June 15, 2009

More help.

Thanks to everyone for all your help when I have issues. Here's another one. Does anyone else have problems with leaky diapers when baby starts to sleep

for longer periods during the night? I think be would sleep even longer if he wasn't soaking wet in the middle of the night. I tried a bigger diaper tonight so we will see how that works.

Picture was placed randomly there by my phone. It's a funny pic though!

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Anjolee said...

I think the bigger diaper may help. I am not sure how small they make overnight diapers, but those work really well. We used them on Mckenzee before she was potty trained. We had some leftover and put them on Riley just to use them up and they were size 4 and still worked. They are expensive, but if you only use them at night then they are okay.
Also, you may try out a few different brands. I swore by Huggies with Mckenzee and that's all she wore, but Riley wears Pampers and leaks in Huggies.

Christie said...

We used the overnight diapers with Ethan and they worked great. Maybe just the size bigger will work, but if not, try the overnights.

Catherine Harvey said...

didn't know they had overnight diapers! I need a clueless handbook for moms. The bigger size seemed to help last night. Slept an hour longer and when he woke up there was no leak. Yea!

Steph H. said...

With the boys I tried every brand and the only one that didn't leak for us was the White Cloud @ Wal-Mart.

Connie said...

Every time the girls had leak problems a bigger size diaper was due so good job. And, cool about the overnightys.... Thought those were just for 8th graders that wet the bed.

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