Wednesday, December 23, 2009

9 months old!

Wow, time has flown by! I can't believe it's been 9 months, he's been out the same amount of time he was in. Crazy.

He was "officially" 9 months last week but our appointment was today. He's doing great, nothing out of the ordinary. He's almost 19 lbs and 29" long which means he's tall and skinny. His hair also seems to be getting lighter so I have called the hospital to find out what other babies were born at the same time and see who he was switched with.

Cason is such a great baby. I've never had another one so I truly don't know if he's good or not, but to me, he seems great. He's happy all the time, just about. He smiles and waves. He is content being held by whoever. He gets cranky when he's hungry and tired (he comes by that naturally) but even then he's not terrible.

Today was a big day. I had asked Cason to please not learn to crawl until after Christmas. I didn't want him opening presents before it was time. He made it to two days before so that's pretty good. Yes, today we learned to crawl. It's crazy how fast it happens! Yesterday, he could get to his hands and knees and he took two forward movements then to the belly for some army scooting. Today, he just crawls across the room. What?! He also started going from laying down to sitting yesterday. One day he couldn't, the next day he could. It's time to lower the mattress and babyproof the house. Darn it. Also, he's been waving for awhile. It's really cute- sort of a choppy hand turned backwards wave. Today, we discovered that he will wave when he hears "hi" or "bye". Before the wave was usually prompted by someone else waving first or a random burst of waving at a perfect stranger for no reason.

These days are fun. I'm enjoying being home and seeing all of this development. Maybe God delayed his crawling so I would be able to experience it on my break. I appreciate that!

If anyone has any suggestions on what kind of cabinet locks I should get for babyproofing I would love to hear. We have no idea where to start!

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The Bucks; Joey, Katy, and Hayden said...

would you believe my nephew Mason started crawling this week too!!! They are on their scheduled together!

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