Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Anniversary Weekend

Mike and I celebrated in a BIG way for our 5th Anniversary on Dec. 11th. We got in our car and drove the long way from Hurst to Grapevine to the Great Wolf Lodge. After the endless drive, we checked in early, got upgraded to a whirlpool suite, and headed straight for the waterpark. Last year when we went I was preggo so I couldn't go on any of the waterslides. This time, it was another story. The only problem with the waterslides is the billion steps you have to climb to get there. Yes, it's a billion, I counted. I suppose on a typical trip you take the steps 1 at a time with a 3 minute wait between each one. But given the timing of our trip, there were no lines and we could dash up the billion steps to the top. I had to have oxygen before going on each of the rides, it was more than my legs could handle. They were super fun, though.

Even though there were no lines at the slides, you can see from the photo below that the wave pool was so crowded it was hard to find a spot.

Every night they have a puppet show thing and sing Christmas Carols and Santa comes and it snows. The snow is really cool, it's a foam machine that spits out tiny pieces of foam that looks like snow! I didn't get a photo of Mike in Santa's lap. We had to elbow some lady and her kids out of the way so we could cut to the front or we would have been late to dinner. In the craziness I didn't get the photo.
We went to the Gaylord for dinner at the Old Hickory Steakhouse. It was really yummy although for the price, I don't know that it was THAT yummy. One of the main reasons we (I) wanted to go was because there is a guy who wanders around with a cart of cheese and picks the perfect cheese for your meal. Well, that guy was sick the night we went (the loser) so we missed that and I was sad. Also, our waiter seemed to become less nice when we told him we were splitting a steak. Whatever.

I didn't get a photo of our room at Great Wolf and I have to be honest, the rooms are not that great. I mean, they are huge and very clean so that's great but as far as luxury linens and lots of extras... not really. It's no Ritz Carlton, although I haven't stayed at the Ritz the picture I have in my head is much nicer than Great Wolf. If you are a child, I have a feeling it's super nice, kids love the sort of thing Great Wolf is all about.
Oh, also, we ordered this special thing where they brought us cookies and chocolate milk at 9:30 (way past my bedtime). It was a lot of fun, we watched a movie and had cookies and milk.
The next day we packed up and went shopping in Frisco and headed to a hotel called NYLO. It was super cool, very modern, and VERY affordable. I think our room was $68 for one night. It's totally my kind of style too- concrete walls, concrete ceiling, concrete floor. The rooms were pretty small but we didn't really care. The bed is comfy and they even had a little single pot coffee maker and free bottled water. Awesome!

Here's a shot of the outside. The one we stayed at is in Plano/Frisco and there is another in Los Colinas.
I'll have more photos on my other blog that I'm working on... more on that later!

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