Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gift Wrapping Ideas- On the Cheap

My concept for present wrapping this year (yes, there was a concept) was "use what you got, creative, and consistent". So, what did I have: Papers left over from the last few years, some heavy brown paper Mike and I got at Lowes for painting and a bunch of misc. ribbons from the past years Christmas. I'm the girl collecting all the leftover ribbon and tissue paper as presents are being opened and stuffing them in my purse to use again.
This is the fist one I wrapped. I love the dot paper and want to use it year after year so I don't want to use too much of it. Here I just used and extra piece as an accent. The "bow" isn't a bow but I just wrapped the ribbon around my hand and tied it on. Easy way to add an accent without tying a bow. Jingle Bells. Cute accent and they let you know when the kids or dogs (or husband) are going after the presents.

That green ribbon- I can't say enough. It's beautiful, It's perfect. It was expensive (but I got it 1/2 off). It doesn't go all the way around the package because I don't want to waste it. I just love it. The "W" is a plastic scrapbook accent that I highlighted with paint and wired on to the package. I didn't even know I had it until I started digging through my scrapbooking stuff.

Another "bow" from leftover ribbons. Wrap them around your hand in a circle then cut each end and you have a little puff ball bow. Totally easy.

I love raffia. A messy bow can still look great. Notice the cute dotted ribbon on the package behind. I found it at Hobby Lobby and loved how it carried out the dot theme.

The great thing about this brown paper is you can stamp on it. I used some circle stamps and quickly created a pattern. More non-bows.

Hello beautiful green ribbon. I find cute tags in the most random places. The dollar store, 75% off at Target, even some old Christmas cards from work. Keep your eyes open- tags add a little extra sparkle.

The ribbon around the package on the left is super glittery, so obivously I love it. This was my only real attempt at a bow. It's not terrible, I've done better.
On the right, more non-bows. Pretty sure I will be doing that from now on. The "tag" is actually a rub on that I found in my supplies.
Moral of the story:
- Use what you have
- Small accents of pretty stuff make even boring brown paper look good.
- Steal ribbon and trimmings as your family and friends open gifts
- If the gifts look good on the outside, maybe no one will notice what's on the inside.
Just kidding on the last one. I can't wait to show you what is on the inside. I found some great stuff for some great bargains.

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Connie said...

OH, I love it all. Tomorrow is my wrapping day and now I'm all excited! I have a TON of heavy brown paper from who knows what so now it's ON.

You know what's funny. I made sugar cookies the other night (well Mrs. Pillsbury actually made them) and so I wanted to ice them. The icing recipe called for meringue powder, light kayro syrup, almond extract, and super fine granulated sugar.

I had ALL of the above ingredients in my cabinet. Ahhh, the life of a craft/baking hoarder, you never know what your gonna find!

Oh..AND I have a package of jingle bells in the closet. hehehe

Thanks for the design advice and yes you need to come over.

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