Monday, December 7, 2009

My Grown Up Christmas List

I'm pretty sure most of you are not interested in what I want for Christmas. BUT because this is my blog and I get to post whatever I want, I'm going to post what I want for Christmas. This way, Mike can pick one (or many) things from the list and I'll be surprised. I'm not posting this to try and get gifts from anyone who wasn't originally going to buy me a gift but, I mean, if you want to buy me a gift, I'm not going to stop you.... Gifts are my love language so it would be wrong to stop you.

In no particular order:

This is a devotional book. I read another of the same series and I loved it. It challenged my faith and strengthened my faith in a way no other book has before. I highly recommend anything from this group. This is one of the books on my very lengthy Amazon wish list. If you are ever super bored you can read through my entire list. It's mostly composed of architecture books and cookbooks and a few wii games. Very Exciting.

These are Sketchers Shape-Ups. I've read some really good reviews about them but they don't come cheap. I think Reebok has something similar with a highly inappropriate commercial with a girl and her butt. Anyways, this is another version and it's supposed to improve posture, strengthen legs and butt just by walking. Well, I could use the extra help so these sound good.

Totally random. I need a gravy boat. It's hard to host thanksgiving without one. We had to use a plastic container and just spoon the gravy on this year. Everyone should have a gravy boat just in case you have to host Thanksgiving.

This is my favorite brand of tea. Pretty much anything on their web site would make me super happy. If you like tea and haven't tried their tea, try it. You can even order little sample sizes. I like the loose tea but if you don't want to mess with it they have the bags too.

I love lip gloss. On any given day there are no less than four in my purse... that's a low day. I am on a personal lifetime mission to find the glossiest lip gloss. I think that if my huge lips are super shiny it will detract from the rest of my face. This is one of the best. As an added bonus it smells like mint so it freshens breath. AND on top of all that, it tingles on your lips and I like that too. You get this at Bath and Body works and right now it's buy 2 get one free.

This is the most important one. I want a bra fitting at Nordstrom. As crazy as it sounds, they are supposed to be the best place to buy a bra. They will measure you and find the perfect one for you. Anyone who has had a baby and breastfed knows exactly how important this is. If you haven't, just trust me. It's not good. I have a hard time paying more for a bra than I do for jeans but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Hopefully they still make the water bra, that's all I have to say.

Does anyone else use Bobbi Brown? If not, you should. I could go on and on about how much I love this makeup. If you want me to, let me know, then I'll take you to go get a makeover from them. It's so much fun. If you have seen me lately and I haven't looked completely exhausted and like I have been drug behind a truck, it's due to the bobbi brown concealer. If I do look exhausted, it's because I didn't put concealer on that morning in hopes that someone would feel sorry for me and my exhausted self and come over and do my laundry.

Back to the subject. I want one bobbi brown creamy eye shadow. It looks so good on but I have never purchased it because I always spend my money on other items I need more. I figure Christmas is a time for asking for things that you don't buy yourself. I think the color here is soft gold.

These are slippers from the target web site. I also like the ones that look like a sweater. I have a wierd thing about being barefoot so I'm almost always wearing shoes of some sort, even to go to the bathroom at night. So, some great house shoes would be awesome.

I'm sure I could think of more but I'll stop there. These are all things I really want but won't buy myself and probably won't buy if I don't get them for Christmas... You might see them on the list next year. Hope everyone has fun shopping for the holidays. Post your wish list on your blog... I'd love to see what everyone else wants!


avagdro said...

Thanks Catherine Harvey for sharing.Interesting list besides beautiful blogging collections.Wish you n all a joyful Christmas ahead.

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Tricia said...

Sooo funny...I love that you posted your list. I always tell Jeff what I want but he doesn't pay any attention. Men! Maybe I should blog it next year. Too late this year b/c he's already out shopping.

My MIL has those shoes and she thinks they're great. She's had them for a long time now and still wears them regularly so there might be something to the claims.

Merry Christmas!

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