Monday, December 7, 2009


We hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the fam. Good times and great food. That's all you need!
I added a new chalkboard to the kitchen. I just got a frame at Aaron Brothers and painted the back with chalkboard paint and removed the glass. Super easy. Soon it will have a weekly memory verse but it can also carry seasonal messages!
My brother, Chris proudly displays his cookie placecard as a nametag.

Sister Caylin entertains cason.

Cason enjoys his first thanksgiving. He even tasted a little turkey!

I was in charge of the cranberry sauce (thank you Pioneer Woman) and I made Brussels Sprouts. Mainly because I wanted to see if people actually liked them. I roasted them with pears and shallots and they were delish. I think my mom and I were the only ones who actually ate them!

Pumpkin brown butter cupcakes. Super Yummy!

The dessert table. Most important table at Thanksgiving!

Here's how I did the table. The placemats are a piece of scrapbook paper and the placecards are pumpkin cookies that i wrote everyone's name on. I used my china (for the first time) and re-arranged my fall table arrangement. Pumpkins are donated by my friend Dina since I needed to fill a few holes.

See how cute those pumpkins are! I didn't make the cookie- it's from this great place in Fort Worth called J-Raes. They sell cookies and cupcakes and cheesecakes. I could live there.

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