Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Big Weekend!

Just a little photo to make you smile. This was taken during out Christmas Card photoshoot. Not exactly how I envisioned it going but we made it work.
Friday is our 5th wedding anniversary! To celebrate we are dropping the baby off at grandmas for 2 yes TWO whole nights. I haven't been away from him for one night yet so we will see how it goes. To be honest I'm looking forward to sleeping in the most. Mike and I are headed to Great Wolf Lodge for a romantic getaway among thousands of children pushing their way to the front of the line to see santa after having spent all day at the waterpark splashing me as I float through the lazy river. Then, we are spending the second night at NYLO hotel in plano. I'm excited! I'll take lots of pictures and report on the cool hotels when we get back.
Just kidding about Great Wolf. It wouldn't be most peoples idea of a romantic vacation but we went last year and it was a lot of fun. On a Thursday night in December it wasn't crowded at all. On friday at 4:00, all the crazies started showing up. And by crazies I mean people like I will be in a few years and Cason is old enough to enjoy seeing santa and being at a waterpark in the middle of winter.

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Tricia said...

My kids are at GWL right now. Look for the two little white-headed crazies livin it up in the toddler area with their grandparents...those would be mine. Have fun and Happy Anniversary!

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