Sunday, April 4, 2010

First steps

Thursday night we had first stepsIt was so much fun.  I think it might be awhile before we have more and I'm so glad Mike and I were together for these. 

I noticed that when he would stand holding on to a piece of furniture he would pull his hands off  and stand there with no support for a minute.  That was a new thing for him so we started making him do that more (aka- leave him stranded and standing with nothing to grab onto).  Mike would sit on the ottoman just out of reach and finally Cason took two steps to get to him.  He did it a couple more times then I think he fell one too many times and he's done with the walking thing for awhile.

Of course, our camera is broken, Mike's phone was dead (the one with the video) so the best picture we have is from my phone. 

Cason came to work to visit me the next day for my last full day as a full time employee and one of the girls got some flip video.  HERE is the link- hope it works.  I think I need a flip video!  If it does work, don't mind me in the background- I was trying to get 5-1/2 years of junk cleaned off my desk so someone else could move there and I didn't want to be up at work all night.  And I realize he's not walking in the video but he does stand for a bit without holding on to anything and he's just so darn cute.
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