Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just call me professor awesome...

Yes, yes.  I've had 2 classes and haven't posted about it.  So, here it goes. 
I teach drafting 1 on Wednesday mornings from 8-12.  I have 8 interior design majors in my class.  7 girls and 1 guy.  They are super sweet and all different ages.   They have NO CLUE what they are getting into with this major... but neither did I or any other college freshman. 

They don't think I'm funny and they probably think I'm a little crazy. Four hours of teaching is intense.  Day 1 I wear heels and I was totally regretting it after 4 hours.  The second class I was in flats- much better. 

This class has so much informationThey have to learn how to create a set of construction documents for a house in 11 weeks.  ahhhh, it's quick.  First class we worked on reading a scale, lineweights and lettering along with getting introduced to the class, each other, me and their supply kits.  It's a LOT.  Class 2 we worked on how to draw a floor plan.  Another really full class and we didn't get as far as I had wanted- but there are some classes later in the semester that are less full so we can catch up. 

The first class they had 3 homework assignments and the second class when they turned in the assignments exactly 0 of them turned in everything they were supposed toHmmmm, I'm guessing I need to re-think how I assign the homework.  Next class I said "get a pen and write this down".  Seemed logical to me but I guess sometimes you need to be specific. 

This week, we are studing dimensioning and labeling and it is still one of my least favorite tasks4 hours of my least favorite task- and I have to sell it to a group of students who can't know that I hate it.  On top of that, the Dean who hired me (and will decide if they keep me) will be sitting in on the class for a little while.  No pressure. 

I had no idea how much prep work it would takeHours of lesson planning before class... but if I teach this class again all the leg work will be done. 

Thanks for praying for me during this transition.  I've been off of work (the interior design job) for 2 weeks while I transition into teaching and it's been awesome.  I can get so. much. done.  when i'm not at work every day.  On the other hand, I don't sit down like ever.  Less internet, less TV, less phone-  much, much better.  I cleaned the house the other day.  The whole house.  Like vaccumed every room on the same day kind of clean.  I have never done that before.  Don't judge. 
This week I will be picking up a few hours at CMA so we will see how that goes.  We are attempting to live more "frugally" and it's difficult.  I miss Starbucks.  I haven't had a pedicure in forever.  But I can learn to paint my own toes and make my own tea. 

I love being home more.  It's sooooo different.... in a good way.

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Lori Calder said...

Loved the update. I am so glad that teaching is going well, and you are enjoying your time at home!

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