Thursday, April 22, 2010

New project update

I would love to show you the beautiful new floors we are putting in. Love to.
I can't show you those floors because the project didn't quite go as planned. Do any of them?
The flooring guys were 2 hours late first of all because their truck wasn't running. Then, after tearing up all the tile in our entry, they mention that the floor in our den is really un-level (duh) so they will need to level it. All of it. Not just a corner like most houses. So they work till 7 leveling the floor and now it's just a big grey slab. And my sofa is still in my kitchen... Along with everything else I own.
So tomorrow they start at 9 leveling the floor. Let's hope they can finish it tomorrow.
And let's hope they don't notice where I slipped and fell in the wet leveling concrete. I'm going to hide the concrete covered leggings so they won't know. I'm afraid my sore muscles will remind me tomorrow!

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Dina said...

Not your leggings!! Oh no!

I can't wait to see it when it's done!

Connie said...

DARN! I really wanted to see! Crossing fingers for them to be done today!

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