Friday, April 23, 2010

The floors

First let me show you this

And this

Can you see the dust? The phone camera doesn't even begin to show it. Next time, I'm going to seal any doorways and move out while it's being done.
What am I talking about? There's not going to be a next time.
Here's the floor

I think the blue tape is a nice touch. Actually, it's really beautiful just still. Not. Done. Oh, and my furniture is still in my kitchen. Did I mention that?
I can't wait until they pull up the tape and get it all cleaned up. It's possible I'm going to have to wash every wall in the house. Probably going to regret using matte finish on all my paint around that time. Oh well, at least the floors will look awesome.

Head over to my design blog to get more info about bamboo and see an up close pic of what we installed.
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1 comment:

Tricia said...

I do not envy the cleaning you have ahead. We had wood floors put in when Laura was about 3 weeks old and it was the longest 2 days of my life. It was so dusty in here that we could hardly breath. Luckily, because I was still recovering from birthing a baby, Jeff got stuck with all the cleaning. And the kids spent about 2 hours pulling all the tape up... I just hung out at a friend's house with the baby until all was in order. Yeah, you have fun with that!

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