Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bad Dog.

The other day mike and I were working in the office installing some new cabinetry and putting together ikea furniture and really working hard when i heard a weird noise from the other room and went to check and see what it was. To my dismay, I find our sweet innocent newest puppy sitting on the futon tearing the keys off of Mikes keyboard and placing them beside the computer. I'm not sure what possessed him to do this, his fascination with computers is a new one because he had never tried this before. He took careful effort not to chew the keys, his only goal was to remove them from the keyboard.

Mike attempted to put them back on the keyboard but Charger had taken the keys off as well as the tiny plastic pieces behind the keys that held them on so it was a lost cause.

Here is Charger in his bed feeling bad about what he did. He better feel bad, it cost us more to fix the computer than he cost.
The computer went to the Apple store where it is still and we forgave Charger and he's sitting in my lap as I type, I'm just keeping his face away from the keyboard!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I think you might be able to get a replacement keyboard. They are not too expensive.
I be Charger doesn't do that again.

Anjolee said...

I know this is not funny, but it really made me laugh. I just can't imagine why he would do that...AND be so careful about it. That is just hilarious to me. Sorry about your computer though.


Connie said...

O.k., Levi exaggerated a bit and said ALL the keys were gone. You are not having your first are having your THIRD. This is crazy-funny.

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