Monday, November 17, 2008

Tetris and Crying at 2 am... not a good sign

Last Monday night is when it all started. I just couldn't sleep. Don't know why, there's no particular reason, I didn't feel that tired but i knew i was. It made Tuesday a little hard because I was quite tired. Then Tuesday night, still couldn't sleep but this time it was because my stopped up nose was not allowing me to breathe properly. That's when i gave in and started playing game boy at 2 am. I was so tired of not feeling well and not sleeping and not knowing what to do about it that I ended up in tears, while playing Tetris. Needless to say, I didn't do as well as I could have (I'm typically awesome at Tetris). The rest of the week was somewhat better, well, the sleeping was better but the sinus problems were worse which has lead me to be at home from work today trying to sleep it off. It's 6:30 and I still feel crappy. If I have the flu tomorrow I'm checking into the hospital and staying until I deliver. Seriously. I knew this would be hard but I really had no idea. No book or website can prepare you. I was very angry with those of you out there who say "when i was pregnant it was great, I didn't even know i was pregnant," as I was crying on Tues. night but I know that's not the right attitude. I'm happy that it was easy for you, just a bit jealous. I don't believe you though, I think they give you memory erasing drugs soon after labor in the hospital but I'm on to that little trick and I'm not going to let it happen to me. The painful pregnancy has been helpful to my prayer life though. I have a moment every afternoon at work where i lock myself in the bathroom stall and pray that I won't be in pain anymore. It also gives me a chance to pray for all my other friends who are pregnant because I have a lot right now and I really do want them to have pain-free pregnancies.

Meanwhile, baby noname is kicking every day. Still softly as if to say "i'm still here" and I really appreciate that. I love searching for nursery stuff and mike and I are still trying to choose a name. You are free to weigh in if you have something good. It has to go with the middle name Michael though so keep that in mind.

I really hope it doesn't seem like I'm complaining, I am aware that this is a huge blessing and I'm incredibly excited about the baby getting here. I'm just trying to be real because I don't want to tell you everything's okay when it isn't. I know it's going to be eventually though. :-)


Connie said...

Well, you know how much I complained when I was pregnant with Jules. I was in pain too....a LOT. I PROMISE you if I got pregnant again I would plant my fat pregnant butt in one of those motorized carts at the grocery store. I would.

For the sleeping...try Tylenol PM. That and Mylanta got me through the night. It's safe according to my doctor and Jules isn't deformed...a little weird but not physically anyway.

A warm bath right before bed helped me feel more comfortable b/c my muscles were more relaxed. If you are having trouble getting comfortable in bed, try sleeping in a chair with pillows all around you. Sounds weird but it worked sometimes.

Lie to Bruce and put yourself on bed rest.

Hang in there!!! Focus on the fun stuff and the epidural which erases all pain away!

amberdawn said...

I am praying for you! It really, really stinks to be sick and not be able to breathe while carrying a small person inside of you! My sinuses were absolutely awful with Dalton and Carson. Depending on how far you are, you can take sudafed and my doctor was a huge advocate of Benadryl! YAY! Taking that before bed would totally help me sleep and help (a little) with the sinuses.

Also, I don't know if you have heard of this, but if you put Vicks rub on your feet and then put on socks before bed, it really helps! I know it sounds crazy-but it works!

If you have any other issues, I can let you know of some other tricks!
Email me and I will let you in on something else-that I won't share on blogger! :)
Hang in there!

Anjolee said...

I am really good a forging (sp?) things. I could help you with a very official doctor's note that says you need to be on bed rest. Next time you are at the doctor look around in the cabinets for a prescription pad...or no wait just tell them you need a note for work saying where you were today, but then don't give it to work and come home and white it out and scan it and make it say what you want. You totally deserve to work from home in your pajamas with pillows all around you. I can't say that I am in pain, but I do cry A LOT.

If you don't have a wedge pillow I think they're awesome. I think they're $12 at BBrUS.

Linda said...

You are so lucky to have friends to give you such good advice! Listen to them. . .they are the greatest.

Jay and Julie Foy said...

I agree with the other girls. Benadryl is great. Put it with a nice warm bath right before bed and it has been the greatest sleep aid for me. Also, the anti-histimine will dry you up a bit so that can help your sinuses. What about those breathe-right strips? Maybe those would help you breathe better. Lastly, I know this is the LAST thing you want to hear, but a little excercize actually helped me sleep and with my nausea. I just took a little walk with Lola around the neighborhood for about 20-30 minutes. Nothing to extreme...

Then lets go to Paris and eat lots of yummy food!

HouseOfClouse said...

Hey There.. So my name suggestion is Josiah Michael Harvey. I think its actually super cute.. but what do I know!? I'm not allowed anymore J names.. so if you like it.. it's yours.. It's biblical (as im s ure you know) and not terribly common and the meaning is really neat.. another cute name is Xavier. Xavier Michael also has a ring to it! I LOVE NAMES!!!! good luck Miriam

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