Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Decorations

I think I already posted something about fall decorations but I added some more! Here's my pumpkin pyramid.

For Halloween, I added some new decorations including the tissue paper puff balls that I made with the help of Martha Stewart. If you haven't been to Michaels lately, you should go. They have remodeled some of the stores and it's wonderful.

I also made some frames with Halloween paper and candleholders with Halloween rub-ons to decorate the table. I also found some skull garland which I tossed in chunky glitter- everything's better with glitter! Another new addition to the home is a much needed dining table from West Elm. It's very grown up, it's expandable and very pretty. Of course, we don't have chairs but that's a minor problem. Do you think anyone would notice if I registered for dining chairs along with my baby registry?


Anjolee said...

Those puff balls are amazing! Your decorations a very pretty.

Connie said...

I missed this post and the one below. Good thing I'm wasting valuable time re-reading people's blogs so as to not do ANYTHING I should be doing.

I was a total looser on decorations this year. However, it's not my fault. Our storage closet door is yet again stuck and if I don't call and turn in a work order there will not be a Christmas tree either.

LOVE the puff balls. I need to make some just for the heck of it.

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