Sunday, November 2, 2008


Every spring I get the urge to do some gardening and plant some vegetables that I will be able to eat when they grow. Finally this spring, I acted upon my dream and did what any great gardener would do. I had my husband dig a garden, plant some vegetables and water them for me while I watched them grow. It took all summer and half of the fall but I finally have vegetables (pictured below) The tomatoes still have not turned red so I'm just hoping they don't die as the weather gets cold. My mom and I did sample one tiny red tomato and it was delicious. So maybe next year they will be better.

Purple pepper. Don't know what that tastes like but it looks pretty!


Linda said...

I especially like the picture of the back side of the puppy in this photo! Go ahead and eat the purple pepper, unless that is one of your food aversions, and let us know what it tastes like!

Connie said...

Tomatoes in the fall? I LOVE that you have a "garden boy, er man". Yes, grow lots of tomatoes and if they come up missing I won't have a clue what happened to them.

I'd try to grow them but I have a degree in horticulture so that means their life span would be about two weeks tops.

Anjolee said...

I'm jealous! I always think I'd like a garden too, but I have yet to let my garden boy in on these thoughts. Maybe next year I can have one.


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