Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Nursery Inspiration

So I have basically settled on a look for the nursery. It's practical because the bedding is available at Target and I think I'm going to search for some additional fabrics to compliment. I'm working on paint colors right now so we will see what comes of that and I'm working on creating my own twist on the look. Of course, a name would be helpful too but we are working on that also. This is the fun part for me so i'm excited.

On another note, I was able to feel the baby kick with my hand for the first time today. I have been feeling him on the inside but when he started kicking today, I put my hand on my stomach and could feel him from the outside. It was amazing and allowed me to get my mind off the pain for a bit. I jumped up from my desk and ran across the room to tell someone because I just couldn't believe it (the guys i sit next to wouldn't have cared so I chose the running across the office method).


Connie said...

Cool! This will be fun for Mike too b/c he will get a chance to feel him move. If I drank something cold AND sweet it made them wiggle.

I like the bedding..I was wondering if you had decided on anything yet.

Making progress!

Linda said...

We are ready to be the painting/moving staff. . .this is exciting!

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