Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baby Sock Monkey

The Foys had us over for a Halloween party last night. Their neighborhood has a parade and tons of kids so it's the perfect place for a celebration.

Here's Lincoln- chillin after costume.

Cason and Carsyn are playing. Carsyn teaches the boys how to share. I tried to get her to teach Cason how to crawl but he had none of that. Girls are just more advanced... they can't help it!

4 babies under 1 yr. Pretty much the cutest babies ever, I'm sure of it. Carsyn was an M&M, Lincoln was a pumpkin, Cason was a sock Monkey and Jack was a Baylor track star. I was a princess in everyday clothes. The other girls are princesses too but they forgot their crowns. It's hard to remember everything when you are dressing your super cute baby.


My little sock monkey chillin. I'm wearing my bling bling princess shoes- all princesses have them.
This actually isn't a costume, it's an outfit we found in Southlake but it worked for Halloween, and it's going to work again next time there's cold weather!

Jack looking at all the trick or treaters. There must have been over 100 kids.

They have police on horseback leading the parade. How cool is that?
Playing with black and white colors.

Daddy and the sock monkey.

This setting is called "seventies" and I thought it fit this picture nicely. So fun!

Baby sock monkey is pooped. It's hard being so cute... it's hard being a princess too but princesses don't get naps.

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