Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Starbucks is out, Yogurt is in!

Have you noticed all the frozen yogurt places popping up everywhere? If you haven't yet, you will soon. I think it was started over in California (where all the cool and not so cool stuff starts) with Pinkberry. I haven't been to Pinkberry but I'm dying to go. If Jennifer Love Hewitt says it's good, I'm all about it. They just opened one in Dallas too. Anyways, Mike and I started going to a new Yogurt place in NRH near Hometown. They have about 15 flavors of yogurt and a ton of toppings. You serve yourself and pay by the weight. It's a lot of fun and also very yummy. Since I love lots of toppings it's the perfect place for me.

Last week I decided to look up the nutritional information on my Starbucks addictions to see how I was doing. I was shocked at what I found out. The sandwich i had been getting, the small, flat, egg cheese and sausage sandwich that i had been getting a few times a week was more calories and fat than two big macs (I have not verified this information but since the numbers were so large i am quite certain it's true.) Holy cow. I can't believe I had been eating these things... AND had become addicted to them. After I finished crying, I decided it would be best to give them up if I ever wanted to get back in my old pants. I was able to adjust my drink to get it down to 2 WW points (thank you starbucks app for iphone). It doesn't taste as good but I pretend like it does and maybe someday it will.

Anyways, after this discovery we became much more frequent visitors to the yogurt patch. Their "tart and tangy" yogurt is only 70 calories for 4 ounces with no sugar or fat. Combine that with a few sugar free choc chips and a few yogurt chips and you have yourself a little low fat low cal bit of goodness. It's a family owned business and the owners are super nice so that helps too. Sorry Starbucks. I love you, I really do but you have let me down here. There should be a warning on those sandwiches. "highly addictive. consult doctor before consuming. you are quickly headed for a heart attack".

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Kim said...

Are you doing Weight Watchers? If so, here's a great website to have handy before going out to eat

It is amazing what those little treats add up to.

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