Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'll never eat a meal in peace again.

That's the title of my new book.
No, just kidding. But it's kind of how I feel. I try to feed Cason his solids when we are eating as well, you know, get in the habit of eating together and get him in the habit of sitting in his highchair while we eat. Well, it sounds simple enough but it's typically a little more hectic.
First of all, Cason wants to hold his own spoon so he grabs it with much force and is delighted when he gets it all to himself. I am not so delighted with the mess. Our typical meals involve a plate of food for me and a bowl of food for Cason. I am shoveling food in his mouth trying to avoid him taking over the spoon, shoveling food in my mouth when possible. If I wait too long C is fussing to go to another activity. It's a similar experience at restaurants. Don't tell me, I already know... It's going to get worse before it gets better. Every day is interesting that's for sure.
It's really funny when he does get the spoon from me. He pulls it close and smiles this evil/happy grin. I laugh every time which is probably encouraging him to spread the sweet potatoes all over.

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Crystal said...

I feel your pain. Tony's cousin was here for dinner tonight. I was thinking, boy his life is great. His girls are tweens/teens and can feed themselves.

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