Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tea Time

I love America but there's one thing I think they got wrong... the tradition of afternoon tea. I wish the Brits had brought that over with them. Luckily a few places have caught on and serve it. I started a tradition at my office of "tea time" and we make a cup of tea at 3:00 and enjoy our 15 minute breaks. The tea I had to day was much better than a 15 minute break at the office.

My aunt had a birthday recently and to celebrate we went to high tea at the Adolphus hotel in Dallas. It was by far the best tea experience I have had in Texas. One of the best things was the tea captain. She was very knowledgeable and very interesting. She helped us select the three teas we would be served through the 4 course meal.

First course, savories. About 5 different tea sandwiches. All of them were very good and served with a red tea. Next up, scone and cream with an orange jasmine tea.

Next up a selection of tiny sweet pastries. We picked a pear caramel tea to go with that. Lastly we had some truffles.
There's my Aunt Pam and her husband Mike.

Birthday girl aunt Marsha and her husband John. For the sweets course they put a candle on her plate and the piano player played happy birthday. It was so elegant and we were treated like queens (and kings). I highly recommend this experience and of course, I'm happy to join you!
The food here is wonderful but while we are on the topic (and because I'm KNOW you must be curious) here are some of my favorites. The best scone is at Montgomery tea room in Fort Worth. Totally random because their actual tea service isn't that great. I mean, it's fun and girly but it's not fancy. Their scones are fantastic though. As for food, the Savannah Tea Room has some of the best. I remember leaving there completely stuffed and the food is delicious. My favorite tea is from there too. It's called Emperors Bride. A friend recently brought some back for me on a trip and it's everything I remember. As for best experience- I have to say The Claridges hotel in London wins. Check out the web site so you can imagine you are there! That's what I do when I need a fix!


Crystal said...

You look so pretty.

Tricia said...

I love me some loose leaf tea from Teavana---have you been there? They don't serve tea or anything, but it's a super awesome tea store with all things tea. Their Herbal Peppermint is to.die.for.

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